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Berrinche de Los Medanos

Chiva de Los Medanos

Jaleo del Malevo

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Comanche de La Historia

Pirata de La Historia

Bravucon de La Historia

El Guapo de La Historia

Tajamars Toño de La Historia

Dulcinea de La Historia

About Joshua and kimberly

Joshua and Kimberly are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the Dogo Argentino.  We have been involved with the breed since the turn of the century.  After a decade with the Dogo Argentino our lives have gone in so many great and interesting directions.  Those directions all culminate in Top Quality Champion Dogos.  Our passion with the breed has brought us on a journey of hunting, hiking, showing, training, and living.  Each day is a new opportunity to experience the greatness. 





Every dog in our program has.

Owned by others:

Mariela de La Historia

Achilles de La Historia(RIP)

Terco de La Historia

Maximo de La Historia

Hades de La Historia

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Zen de La Historia